Thursday, July 12, 2012

Empty Spaces

 I wrote this last February 15, 2012... one day after Valentine's day. I actually dont intend to publish this because I wrote it for personal reading but I find this funny and I have the need to actually share. Hail to singles out there! ;-)


This day has been all about gratitude. I didn't plan anything special today. I did multiple personal errands, "attempted" to study at a coffee shop and chatted with a friend about a business venture. It took me almost the whole day to get through most of my tasks. My last errand entails a 1-hour drive to MOA to pick a bank draft. So at around 4pm in the afternoon, afraid to  miss out on open office hours, I speedily drove through the highway to catch up on lost time...only to find out I was in the wrong office and that I forgot the draft receipt! Haha! I didn't really care that it was all waste of time, effort and gas. All I can think of is, "what am I gonna do now?!" It's roughly an hour-drive back home and it's rush hour already so I decided to pick some groceries for my furry pet and got some dog food.. but then I was done in 15 minutes! I also tried to buy some books from National Bookstore but "Boy Meets Girl" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" were both out of stock. At that moment, I surrendered. Nothing worked out at that point anyway.

I then decided, Im going out on a date... with myself. It's post-Valentine's day and I can see a lot of couples and here I am alone--by myself! Who the hell cares, I said. So I decided I'm going to watch a movie and went out to buy a movie ticket and the line is aaawfully long. I got sandwiched between couples holding hands and kissing on all directions. Some with flowers and fancy gift bags in tow. I can't stop smiling. I like it actually because I stand out like a sore thumb! Ahaha!

Inside the movie theater, there were more hugging, holding hands, kissing and smiles all over the place. Which made me wonder, how come a fiction movie about a young orphan boy could inspire so much romance.. and there I was, with two empty seats on both sides.  But I survived. Obviously. :-)

Further on through the night, since Im on a "date", I also went out and dined with myself at one of my comfort fastfood chain and sat at the farthest corner where I can observe everyone and everything. Sitting there myself have given me the best conversation with myself.. (disclaimer: the conversation happened only through my head though :-b). Pondering over the day's events, I cant help smiling. I was actually contented and I felt happier than I ever. Being alone, I was at ease and there were no pressure. Yes, the occasion made the fact that Im single more prominent but i wasnt lonely. I was happy. And looking at the empty seat before me.. I know I dont want it any other way. I was glad it was empty because it made me realize that I was actually fine by myself. I didn't realize when it happened, but I knew it then. I want that empty space.

I began thinking of other "empty spaces" in my life. And  I actually smiled because I was glad that I have those empty spaces because it means that it can be filled! That empty space gives me hope that it can be filled by something better and that I have another chance to make better choices.

Thank you for empty spaces. :-)


  1. ^_^ great story! Its so admirable to think and views life in a half full way. I guessed one lucky guy will fill it up for you. =)

  2. Ate pache thanks! And I miss you much din! Will be there on your 30 @ 30 bday project! :-)