Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Crossroad

I stand alone at the edge of a crossroad. The first path was undoubtedly shorter, straighter and brightly lit but the destination was of great uncertainty. In contrast, the other path appears indeterminable, ruthlessly crooked and poorly lit but there is a promise of great surprise and blessing. It is the inevitable crossroad of my life. I had passed this crossroad before and knew it--I had chosen poorly.

We are but creatures in a continuing cycle of learning and turning points. Struggles are encountered. Mistakes are made. Learning is ensured with a fleeting promise of never repeating the error. Only a handful are lucky to possess the elusive answers to all consuming questions that lead others to their ruin. A greater number of us are smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. Yet, surprisingly, the answer was simple. That in all afflictions in the road of life to divine happiness, the answer is the one we dread the most--that is to expect pain and hardship along the way. Growth then occurs when we choose to surrender. The struggle begins when we choose the brightly lit road to short-lived happiness. Most of those who have "learned" forgets. The emerging culture is sadly embodying a tendency to avoid pain and hardship.

Being a child of the recent generation, I have forgotten and was jolted by a distant memory. A familiar inkling that I have faced this before. I'm yet again at the edge of this familiar crossroad. The urge to whine and blame was overwhelming. I knew the answer but I disappointingly chose to hesitate and pretend. Every moment of dallying and delay is one step toward stagnation and my ultimate ruin.

Looking at the horizon of my past and what lies ahead, I know in my heart that I will choose differently now. The right choice was glaring in front of me and I choose to surrender. I choose to be happy and have a life of blessing, maybe not now but definitely for a bright future years ahead. I purposefully took my first step onto that dreadful crooked road. I surrender, push on and leap forward. True happiness is awaiting my arrival.


  1. hi Doc Coe!!

    in my experience the only time we feel pain is when we are too attached to the results. :) or too attached to our expectations. when we surrender our attachments then it wouldn't be that painful....or hard. the only time it is hard is when we are attached. :)

    through detachment of results.. choosing to be happy... made me feel light the past few years. :)

    detachment is different from avoiding pain... or hardship. avoid simply means not facing... but when there's a certain situation.. whenever we feel the pain.. cry it all out.. release them and let go. :)


    may you be blessed with knowing that Happiness is not something found in the future... but Happiness is a state of BE-ing... and it happens NOW. :)

    with so much love,


  2. Thank you Tina ^_^ I see your perspective and I accept the way you said that happiness is a state of being. However, when I said true happiness, im merely referring to the culmination of dreams in all aspects of my life ^_^ Its the greatest version of myself ^_^ Such needs surrendering to all hardship along the way. Accepting there will be some enable one to conquer them...being a victim myself before, i want to surrender to everything right now. Cheers for us who choose happiness!

  3. Ahh got it. Going through the challenge... going through the fire... :) Go go go Doc!!!

    Love and happiness,

    Tina L. :)